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What we recommended for bringing your new puppy home


-For house breaking I recommend a crate with a double door.

Small breed puppies a 24" crate

Medium Breed Puppies 36" crate

Large Breed Puppies 42" crate

-As your puppy grows you can use the divider to increase your puppies space 


-Food, We send a starter size bag of food home on what your puppy is on. We will let you know where you can order the food or pick-up a bag of food that you plan to feed your puppy so the food we send can be mixed with the new food.


-Grooming we recommend a slicker brush & comb while they are young. We also recommend regular grooming with a groomer every 8wks


-Dishes, their are many dishes that can be picked up at any pet supply store. Puppies do like to play in their water dishes and we recommend raised dishes.


-In the car for travel I recommend a medium size crate/carrier or a free lap of a human to sit on


-Bed, I would get a new bed and lay it somewhere they will be comfortable. For the first few nights do not put it in the crate until they catch onto house breaking. I recommend using old towels or blankets until they are fully crate trained. 


-A Heart Beat toy or snuggle puppy makes the adjustment at night for your new puppy easier as they believe another puppy is still with them. They can be ordered from or Amazon


-Toys, LOTS of toys! Puppies love to chew on things. Kongs are amazing for them while they are in their crate or just playing around. You can buy fillings for the kong toy or use peanut butter. I recommend filling the kong with peanut butter and putting it in the freezer. It will keep your puppy busy for awhile while in the crate.


-Also giving beef bones and NOT rawhides 


-Most IMPORTANT, Lots of LOVE & Patience while your puppy adjusts to their new home

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