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What you will need while traveling home with your puppy

**If you are driving by yourself to pick up your new puppy from us, we recommend to have a travel carrier. Having a travel carrier will be a safe way to have the puppy not interfere with your driving. If you do have an extra person traveling with you then the puppy would love to ride on their lap instead of a carrier.

**Sometimes puppies do get car sick or have an accident while traveling. It is a new experience them leaving their litter mates and is stressful for them. It is always best to be over-prepared than under-prepared LOL

          -Bring a plastic bag for trash

          -Bring Paper towel

          -Bring baby wipes or sanitizing wipes to be able to clean up the puppies mess

          -Bring lots of puppy pads. While your puppy is under 16wks do not let your puppy out in a public place where they are acceptable to pick up unwanted viruses (ex. parvo, coronvirus). DO NOT take your puppy into a pet store or dog park until fully vaccinated. 

          -Bring towels or old sheets.

          -Bring food & water dishes

          -Bring bottle water

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