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Grooming your Doodle

I get asked a lot of questions about the maintenance and how often to groom your doodle. NO your doodle is NOT Maintenance free.

1. Does my doodle require grooming? YES

2. How often do I need to brush my doodle? Once a week to help prevent matting. More could be necessary depending on your doodles activity. If your dog is playing in a field they may pick up burs or if they are going swimming regularly their coat is more prone to mat due to the moisture.

3. Can I not shave(clip) my doodle? Yes you can leave your doodle in a long coat but will require more maintenance and regular brushing with an under comb rake. Be sure to separate the coat and to get down to the base of your doodles coat to avoid matting

4. How often can I have my Doodle Clipped? You can have them clipped down as frequent as every 6-8wks or some will go 12wk-16wks in between clipping.

5. Do I need to clean my dogs ears? Yes you'll need to clean your dogs ear after they have a bath or if they go swimming. I recommend an ear cleansing solution with a drying agent or a medicated ear cleaner.

6. Do I need to pull the hair out of my dogs ear canal? Yes the ear hair in the canal will cause an ear infection due to moisture. If you have a groomer grooming your doodle they will automatically pull the hair from their ears and clean their ears for you.

7. What brushes do I need? I recommend a de-shedding comb, metal tooth comb, outer under coat rake/de-matter and a slicker brush. Their are many other brushes but this is a short list. Also will need nail trimers also.

8. What shampoos do I use? We use Fresh N Clean Products, Top Performance Products, Baby Shampoo. 

I also recommend having Zymox Ear Ointment on hand as Doodles are prone to having yeast in their ears due to moisture & hair. 

These are just some helpful tips if families wish to try grooming at home. These suggestions are not intended to replace your groomer. Groomers not only clean ears but anal glands as well. If your groomer does not please ask your veterinarian. 

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