A Sheepadoodle is a cross between an Old English Sheepdog and a Standard Poodle. Sheepadoodles take on a positive characteristics from both of their parents, making them well-rounded family dogs. Poodles are hypoallergenic, making sheepadoodles very low shedding, great for keeping furniture clean. This also means Sheepadoodles are hypoallergenic, meaning they are allergy friendly. You'll find that Sheepadoodles tend to be very intelligent and even tempered. These traits make them easy to train and great for families with young children.  They will be 45-80lbs full grown.

We only breed F1 Standards which means they are 50% Sheepdog & 50% Poodle

We don't have any sheepadoodles available 

Our past sheepadoodles below. These are sheepadoodles from our first litter that are already in homes