We are happy to be able to show pictures of our puppy nursery. We have created the nursery just for our mom's and puppies. We have built our nursery specifically for our dogs to be able feel at home. Basically an extension of our home, only the best for our Doodle babies.

Our new nursery is equipped with tile floor throughout, epoxy grout, FRP walls(moisture resistant), composite wood(moisture resistant), their own shower, air purifier, grooming tub/supplies, vacuum, grooming dryer, washer & dryer along with storage for all of their things. 

Our nursery is still a work in progress with each day accomplishing more & more. We still have trim to put up and decorating to do. We will continue to post pictures of our progress. Our nursery helps with our puppies having their own space to play while inside, also 25acres outside to play around in, easily being able to keep their environment as clean as possible to ensure our puppies are healthy.